Electric Power-Grid Message

With the extreme cold gripping our region and much of the middle of the country, electricity demand is at a record high.


As you may have heard, electric utilities to the east of CNMEC are asking consumers to conserve power. These utilities are connected to the eastern U.S. electric grid, where electricity demand is currently very high.


Know that CNMEC is connected to the western U.S. electric grid, which is electrically separate from the eastern grid. The western grid is operating normally at this time.


With our power supplier, Tri-State G&T, we are always watching for issues that could affect power reliability. Our system is operating with sufficient generation to meet our members’ demand for energy, and we do not anticipate any reliability issues related to power supply and demand at this time.


When power is in high demand, conservation is something each of us can do to help keep the electricity we use reliable and affordable. We wish our neighboring utilities the very best as they work to serve their members and consumers.